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  • Why go Giant Teddy Bear this Valentine's Day?

    Why go Giant Teddy Bear this Valentine's Day?

    Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a wonderful celebration of love, but it can be a bit stressful as it shines a huge highlight on your relationship and puts great expectations on you. You are expected to be romantic, but avoid common clichés that make you seem corny; to be endearing and caring, but show a level of deeper understanding of your partner; to condense all your loving feelings into a single gesture and gift, but to make sure that your partner will like the way you express these feelings. Continue reading

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  • How to Clean a Giant Teddy Bear?

    There is nothing nearly as cute as a giant teddy bear. These friendly giants are soft, cuddly and a joy to snuggle up next to. Of course, the big teddy will need to be cleaned from time to time. Even though you can keep them fairly clean with regular maintenance, which we will also address later on, during all that snuggling and playing around, the teddy will accumulate plenty of dust, bed mites and lint, and probably a few stains as well. So, how do you clean your big old teddy friend without damaging his soft fur? You have several options available to you and we will look at each one in detail.
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  • Why Do People Just Love Giant Teddy Bears?

    Anyone who has ever had a teddy bear already knows the answer to this questions, and many people can confirm that they are truly good listeners, honest companions and, not to mention, perfect play buddies. And then we grow up, but not everyone forgets about their childhood toy, and this is why we are still surprised by teddies.
    What do we find so appealing in this simple, yet stunning toy? When we look at bears in real life, they are not so cuddly, quite the opposite, they are truly fierce animals that bring fear into hearts of many, and are alone responsible for many human deaths every year. But despite this, we are still astonished by this play toy, and it even has an interesting back story about how Teddy got its name.
    While hunting, President Theodore Roosevelt and his friends encountered some wild animals, and afterwards, they found a helpless bear. The hunting party suggested that the President kills the bear, but he refused. This kind act quickly spread, and whether it was true or not, soon after a famous cartoonist Clifford Berryman drew a cartoon based on this event, and a toy store owner in Brooklyn decided to use the name “Teddy’s Bear” for his stuffed bear toy. Of course, this was after he asked the President for his permission. Soon, people forgot that this was the case, and they simply started referring them as teddy bears. Continue reading

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