Joyfay® 78" (6.5 ft) Crimson Red Giant Teddy Bear

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GIANT BEST BEAR FRIEND: At 78’’ tall, this teddy towers over other bears. That cheeky smile and sparkling eyes will melt your heart and have you giving big bear hugs in no time.

GREAT GIFT: Teddy bears are great fun for all ages. That soft brown fur begs to be hugged. Giving it as a gift? Personalize a message using our comments section during checkout.

SAFE FOR KIDS: Our bears receive the Pennsylvania stuffed toy certificate. This means they undergo testing to make sure there’s NO contaminants and hazardous material. This means it's SAFE for your kids. The stuffing is 100% new polyester and the fur is made of soft plush Velour.

He’s a Friend and a Confidant..
You’re never too old to love your teddy. Nothing makes you feel young again than a sweet innocent friend that won’t judge for getting a little older and little wiser. This lovable giant will steal your heart and a few hugs along the way. Plus, he’s like a fine wine. He only gets better with age. All of his little imperfections will tell the story of your lives together. Start working on your story today.

100% GREEN and certified SAFE: Stuffed with polypropylene cotton an all new material free of harmful chemicals. Our bears pass the Pennsylvania stuffed toy certification process so you know they are the best of the best.

Soap and Water Cleanup: EASY to clean with only wash cloth, soap, and water. Adventures get a little out of hand? Check out our blog to get out those next level stains.

The technical stuff: 78’’, 6.5 ft., 200cm; 18.7 lbs, 8.7 kg; Polyester stuffing and velour outer coat

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