Joyfay® 78" Purple Giant Teddy Bear-6.5 Ft Stuffed Toy, Thick Plush Coat

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This huge purple Teddy Bear is big enough to be there for your child whenever they need a hug. Numerous parents have reached out to us at Joyfay® to talk about how comforting and gentle a presence this stuffed animal has been in their child's life. As silly as it may seem, the tender hug of this 6 foot Teddy melts away the stresses of a child, and melts a parent's heart as they watch with joy. The big purple animal is more than a clever concept; it is a result of expert craftsmanship and fine materials. The fur of the bear is a luscious velour, and it is filled with polyester cotton. This mixture helps it to retain its form, but is pillowy enough for evening cuddle sessions. It comes with a cute bowtie, which only adds to the air of regality.

Joyfay® is conscientious about what fabric and materials go into its products. This is why no materials in the bear are repurposed, instead you get only the finest virgin fabrics. Similarly, these stuffed animals have been put through a veritable ringer of testing. The Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety of Pennsylvania uses these tests to certify a product's safety in the home. We are happy to announce that they have certified all of Joyfay® stuffed critters as safe for the home, with no chemical or physical risks.

The wait for your big purple bear can be excruciating. That's why we are committed to getting it to you as soon as possible. There are numerous shipping options available, but regardless the Teddy Bear will arrive quickly from one of our many warehouses. Joyfay® also guarantees its product through the Love-Me-For-Sure guarantee. This states that if you have any issues whatsoever with your product, call our customer service, where you will speak with a person and not an automated machine (during business hours), and we will help you resolve any and all issues.

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