Joyfay® Giant 63" (5.25 ft ) Stuffed Dark Brown Teddy Bear Toy

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Dark Brown
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If you are feeling sad, and you think that nothing can brighten your day, well, this unique and adorable Giant 63” Stuffed Dark Brown Teddy Bear Toy is waiting to prove you wrong!

If your job is stressful, and nothings seems to cheer you up, if you hate being an adult stuck in endless emails and to-do lists, this teddy will come to your rescue! This giant, one-of-a-kind, milk chocolate teddy bear will bring a smile to your face and instantly make all of your worries go away, and when he hugs you, not only will you remember your childhood, but you will also feel the soft embrace of the best materials we could find in order to create this perfect, lovable toy.

His size is intentional, as we wanted to create more of him so that you could hug him endlessly. If you know that someone else is having a bad day, this teddy will help them too! That makes him a perfect present for any occasion: birthday party, religious holidays such as Hanukkah or Christmas, and other anniversaries – you name it! Naturally, adults will love this toy, since it will show someone how much you really care about them, but it is primarily made for children to love and hug. All the materials used for the creation of this bear are 100% eco-friendly and child-safe, so you don’t need to worry about that, and what is even better, he is extremely easy to clean, meaning no chocolate stain will be able to stop this bear from loving you for years to come!

Facial Material: Super-soft Velour
Stuffing Material : Polypropylene cotton (100% green, polypropylene is the material of your yoghourt container)

Size: 160 cm / 63 inch
Weight: 3.9 kg / 8 lbs

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Processing time 1 ~ 2 business days
Shipping time 2~5 business days(Fedex Ground or USPS)