How to Clean a Giant Teddy Bear?

Posted by admin on Dec 10th 2014

There is nothing nearly as cute as a giant teddy bear. These friendly giants are soft, cuddly and a joy to snuggle up next to. Of course, the big teddy will need to be cleaned from time to time. Even though you can keep them fairly clean with regular maintenance, which we will also address later on, during all that snuggling and playing around, the teddy will accumulate plenty of dust, bed mites and lint, and probably a few stains as well. So, how do you clean your big old teddy friend without damaging his soft fur? You have several options available to you and we will look at each one in detail.

What not to do
Most big teddies have beautiful and soft fur and must not be washed in very hot water. You should also avoid drying them with hairdryers or leaving them in the dryer on a high temperature. They must not be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods either, as this can cause discoloration. If a teddy does not dry out properly, he can begin to smell musty or even develop mold, so they should be dried off as soon as possible.
Some soap and a brush can do the trick
If there are any light stains, you should act quickly before they set in, so you can soak them up and wash the area with some soapy water. Every once in a while, you can submerge your giant teddy in the bathtub and give him a thorough wash with a soap and a brush. You can then leave the teddy out to dry in the shade or put him on a clothes dryer rack in a well-ventilated area.
Household cleaning hacks for more persistent stains and odors
For more serious stains, you can use white vinegar mixed with water and apply it on the area or even soak the teddy bear in the liquid and give him a full wash. Carbonated water can also help remove some of the more persistent stains. Since big teddy bears tend to be dragged around a lot and even used as impromptu furniture, they can pick up odors. The best way to deal with this is to take some baking powder and sprinkle it all over teddy, and it will soak up and neutralize any odor. Another good trick is to mix some lavender oil with water in an empty spray bottle and spray your teddy all around. This will give him a beautiful fresh aroma and make him even cuddlier.
Vacuuming and brushing
As far as regular maintenance is concerned, apart from throwing some baking powder on the teddy and dosing him with some scented water, you will need to gently vacuum him from time to time. Make sure to use a low power setting and just carefully vacuum out all the dirt and hair. If you have pets, chances are they have fallen asleep on the soft comfy bear more than once, so it would be the best to use a pet hair remover brush to make sure you get all of the hair. Run a regular brush through the fur a few times a week to make sure your teddy stays clean – you can have your kids do this as a fun game of “groom the bear”.
Using a washing machine
Giant teddies will not fit a lot of household washing machines so you may need to make a trip down to the nearest Laundromat. The things you want to look out for is the bears eyes and nose scratching up or falling off, and the stuffing shifting around during the tumbling. This can be prevented by putting the bear in a big cotton sack or just wrapping him in some sheets and tying off the corners before putting him in the washing machine.
Make sure to wash the teddy in cold water, and use an extra rinse cycle to make sure that all the dirt and detergent are completely washed out. If you are going to use the dryer, the best thing to do is to throw in some dryer sheets and set it on a lower temperature. Leave the teddy in the protective sheet you’ve wrapped him in when placing him in the dryer. It will take longer, but your teddy will come out fresh and as good as new.
There you have it, a few simple rules to keeping a giant teddy bear clean and fresh for years and years.
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