How to Clean a Giant Teddy Bear?

Posted by admin on Dec 10th 2014

There is nothing nearly as cute as a giant teddy bear. These friendly giants are soft, cuddly and a joy to snuggle up next to. Of course, the big teddy will need to be cleaned from time to time. Even though you can keep them fairly clean with regular maintenance, which we will also address later on, during all that snuggling and playing around, plenty of dust will collect on the teddy bear, bed mites and lint, and probably a few stains as well. Therefore, how do you clean your big old teddy friend without damaging his soft fur? We provide you several options and will introduce them in detail.


  • Do not use overheated water.
  • Be gentle.
  • Use neutral detergent (such as silk and wool detergent).
  • Dry as soon as possible.
  • Avoid prolonged direct sunlight.


  • a small soft-bristled cleaning brush
  • a plastic basin
  • a bathtub or other container for a giant teddy bear
  • several pieces of clean white towels
  • neutral detergent (such as silk and wool detergent)
  • a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment 
  • baking soda
  • white vinegar

Odor removal

Since people often drag big teddy bears around a lot or even use them as impromptu furniture, these poor teddy bears can accumulate unpleasant odor overtime.

To avoid the headache of cleaning it thoroughly, the best way is to sprinkle some baking soda or baking powder on the teddy to soak up and neutralize the odor. Try to cover your teddy with baking soda and let it sit for at least an hour, whether this is done in a large plastic bag or laid flat on a large tarp.

Vacuum the dust and baking soda off your teddy bear with the brush attached to your vacuum cleaner gently .

Another good trick is to mix some lavender oil with water in an empty spray bottle and spray your teddy all around. This will give it a beautiful fresh aroma and make it even cuddlier.



Remove detachable accessories and clean them separately.


Prepare a small basin of warm water and add a moderate amount of neutral detergent (such as silk and wool detergent) to it. Mix the two and you get a basin of diluted detergent.


Place the teddy bear in a bathtub or other suitable container.

If there are any slight stains, try using a small soft-bristled cleaning brush (or a piece of clean white towel) dipped in the diluted detergent to gently scrub the surface of the toy in circles all around the whole body.

Do that cautiously, because this can break stitches. If stitches are broken, you can watch the video to check the solution.            

Be careful not to dip too much diluted detergent at one time to avoid its deep penetration into the body of the teddy bear.

For more serious stains, you can apply white vinegar mixed with water on the tainted area or even soak this part of the teddy bear in the liquid and give him a full wash.


Dampen a piece of clean white towel with clean water and rinse the teddy bear gently. You may need to rinse this teddy bear more than once to remove all the detergent.


To prevent damage, let the toy air dry. Use a piece of thick, clean white towel to help remove excess moisture from the bear's surface. It can then be hung to dry using clothespins or a dried platform. If you must use a clothes dryer or hair dryer to save time, use the lowest temperature that can be set. 


     When the teddy is dry, gently comb it with a comb or soft brush.