Season of Giving with Joyfay®

Posted by admin on Dec 22nd 2016


20161220_175750Here at Joyfay® we are aware of the many demands on people’s time and energy during the holidays. Families are inundated with advertisements for the latest video game, movie, or entertainment option. People become burdened with the stress of money and time commitments. It leaves more than a few people wondering what Christmas is all about anyway. Luckily, a famous holiday special broke it down for everyone. Children were worried about the commercialization of Christmas, and one little boyreminded everyone that it was about “Peace on Earth, and goodwill towards men.”

We are taking that meaning to heart. At the suggestion of oursocial media expert Tyra Byrd, Joyfay® 

20161220_184224has gotten involved with the Toys N Da Hood program. This program started in Atlanta a few years ago. The original objective was simple: get toys and assistance to families in dire need of financial help. Since then, it has blossomed wonderfully. It is now a national program, with drives in Cleveland, Atlanta, Alaska, inneapolis, Texas, and many more. It has impacted the lives of millions of families. The drive brings together artists, entertainers, schools,
and donors. It has had a various of celebrity endorsers including 2 Chainz, Ruben Studdard, Young Jeezy, and others.

CombinedJoyfay® chose to get involved in Cleveland, where our headquarters are located. Many of the employees have close ties to the community here, so when we first heard of the opportunity, we jumped at it. Recently, Joyfay® donated several stuffed animals, helicopters, and virtu
l reality goggles for an event at the 5 Points Community Center. Once there, 4 kids who had shown themselves to be outstanding citizens and students received their choice of two toys each. The other 25 children each got a gift as well. Look at the happy recipients of our stuffed giraffe and giant pink teddy bear!
The event was far more than simply toys being given away. A number of speakers and local celebrities were also in attendance. Deuce from 107.9 in Cleveland was there along with Big Heff from Def Jam Records and Councilman Anthony Harris. These gentlemen spoke about staying out of trouble, the importance of education, and how good character leads to good things in the

Luckily, this was not a one time event. Going forward, there 20161220_183701are already two more giveaways planned. On the 22nd, there will be an event at Anton Grdina Middle School. Joyfay® will again be giving out stuffed animals. Finally, on the 23rd, there will be a large final event at the National Entertainment Business Academy. For more information, visit

Overall, Joyfay is happy to share the spirit of Christmas with its Cleveland community this year. We urge you to participate in the spirit of giving, and try to be extra kind to those in need this holiday. If interested, you can purchase any of the toys or products at as donations.