Why Do People Just Love Giant Teddy Bears?

Posted by admin on Dec 3rd 2014

Anyone who has ever had a teddy bear already knows the answer to this questions, and many people can confirm that they are truly good listeners, honest companions and, not to mention, perfect play buddies. And then we grow up, but not everyone forgets about their childhood toy, and this is why we are still surprised by teddies.

What do we find so appealing in this simple, yet stunning toy? When we look at bears in real life, they are not so cuddly, quite the opposite, they are truly fierce animals that bring fear into hearts of many, and are alone responsible for many human deaths every year. But despite this, we are still astonished by this play toy, and it even has an interesting back story about how Teddy got its name.
While hunting, President Theodore Roosevelt and his friends encountered some wild animals, and afterwards, they found a helpless bear. The hunting party suggested that the President kills the bear, but he refused. This kind act quickly spread, and whether it was true or not, soon after a famous cartoonist Clifford Berryman drew a cartoon based on this event, and a toy store owner in Brooklyn decided to use the name “Teddy’s Bear” for his stuffed bear toy. Of course, this was after he asked the President for his permission. Soon, people forgot that this was the case, and they simply started referring them as teddy bears.
Now that you know how a teddy bear was born, we can talk about why people enjoy this toy so much. The bear itself is quite anthropomorphized, meaning that it has received many human qualities, since that way, a bear becomes more appealing to humans. Because of this, even though they might look like actual bears, they have a lot of properties similar to a human child. They are polite, cute, and overall, just want to be your buddy.
This is the main reason why people take their teddy to bed with them, and it is not uncommon for people, even in their forties, to have at least one teddy in their bedroom. This is also because, over time, a teddy has become a perfect gift for anyone in order to say sorry, or in order to declare their love or friendship. Teddy has become a symbol of innocence, a symbol of purity, and because of this, it is mostly used as a perfect gift in the occasion where you need to present your honesty and love. They remind us of childhood and bring us a strong sense of security and comfort – and it is only natural for humans to try and, even subconsciously, seek for that feeling.
Giant teddy bears are no different, since they can not only be a good looking gift, but they can also be extremely cool. When it comes to children, teddy bears can also act as guardians, and it is easy to understand why a bigger bear can be a greater protector and a friend. Because of this, children engage in all variety of social behavior that is normally suitable only for animate things such as pets and humans, so it is not uncommon for a teddy to have a name, or for your child to speak to its teddy.
Teddy bears now come in a variety of sizes, so it is common to see even the giant ones, or those that are a bit more modern than their traditional cousins. Because of this, there are teddies made out of unconventional materials, dressed in different outfits based on what is currently popular, in order to satisfy everyone’s taste; and make no mistake, market for teddies is simply huge.
So it doesn't matter whether a teddy means safety for your or it simply takes you to happier times in your life, the important thing is that you provide your child with a suitable friend as well. It might not be a usual sight to see a giant bear, but be sure that your child will find a way to play with it and to cherish it.

Joyfay Red Giant Teddy Bear