Joyfay® 47" Giant Pink and Purple Teddy Bear- Very Soft to the Touch (4ft Bear)

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Huge pink, purple and blue Teddy Bears are cuddly and soft, but durable enough to last a long time. Sure to bring smiles to the one who receives, a Santa worthy present, for a child who believes. This 4ft bear is big enough to rest on, but manageable enough to travel.

This 47 inch Teddy Bear is the cuddliest toy you can imagine. A high-quality, soft and furry friend to keep your child cozy and entertained. Polyester-cotton fills the inside, which keeps it secure for the future. The outside is a soft velour that is gentle and comforting.

They say that it's the thought that counts, and nothing is more thoughtful than this gorgeous pink Teddy Bear. The soft exterior will give your little one a constant, cuddly companion. The stuffed toy comes with a bow tie, so even the most formal toy event is within reach.

Great toys are only valuable if they keep your child happy and safe. Joyfay® stuffed products come with the certification of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety. Repeated testing and rigorous standards guarantee that your child's new friend is not only fluffy and fun, but safe and free of chemicals as well. Despite the size of this Teddy, it is still shipped quickly and efficiently. It is shipped from warehouses all over, so you can get your holiday present in a timely manner.

It comes with a Love Me for Sure Guarantee. Joyfay® knows that you will love this fuzzy Teddy Bear. So much so, that we will promptly respond to and resolve any issues you have in the future. Just reach out to us with questions or comments!

Name: Joyfay® 47 inch / 3.9 ft / 120 cm Giant Teddy Bear
Brand: Joyfay®
Facial Material: Plush, super-soft velour
Pile length: 1.8 cm / 0.71 inch
Fabric weight GSM: 500 g/m2
Stuffing Material: Polyester-cotton Color: Pink, Purple or Blue
Net Weight: 2.7 kg / 5.95 lbs

bearsize.jpg Size
Total height: 120 cm / 47.2 inch
Sitting height: 71 cm / 28 inch
Leg length: 56 cm / 22 inch
Arm length: 37 cm / 14.6 inch
Body width: 33 cm / 13 inch
Package size: 47*37*32 cm / 18.5 *14.5*12.6 inch
Package weight: 3.7 kg / 8.1 lbs
Shipping origin Ohio or Nevada
Processing time 1 ~ 2 business days
Shipping time 2~5 business days(Fedex Ground or USPS)



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