Joyfay® Big Pink Teddy Bear- This Fuzzy Giant is 7ft Plus in Stature

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This giant pink Teddy Bear will be an instant hit with your children. Furry velour on the outside, and pillowy but durable stuffing on the inside, means this 91 inch behemoth is built to last.

The 91 inch pink Teddy Bear is the largest one yet from Joyfay®. The people have spoken, and an even larger stuffed animal is now ready to move into your home. Make it a special moment when you give the gift of play and imagination to your son or daughter this holiday season. At 7ft 7in, this bear is as big as anyone that has ever played professional basketball. This enormity means plenty of cuddly goodness for you and your child to curl up next to. And cuddle you will, since it has a cozy plush exterior that warms the body and spirit. The interior is filled with a top notch polyester cotton which helps the bear keep his lovable figure, while keeping him pillowy enough to remain gentle and huggable.

Joyfay® is meticulous about the materials that go into its stuffed animals, and all of its products undergo numerous tests with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety to make sure they are completely safe for you and your loved ones. These huge Teddy Bears ship quickly and efficiently, despite their heft. There are a number of shipping options available, from expedited to premium. Because of the flexibility in shipping location, Joyfay® can help get your product to you as quickly as possible. The final touch for these wonderful toys is the Love Me For Sure guarantee. We are committed to your satisfaction, and will help with any issues or questions that arise as your new friend moves into his new home.

This giant teddy bear has a fluffy pink fur with full stuffed PP cotton.Its weight is 22 lbs and height is 7.5ft. The pink color is bright and attractive. As a giant present, it will be a lovely companion and definitely can make your children, lover or friends happy.

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